My Financial Solutions

My Financial Solutions

Who are My Financial Solutions?

We are a small team of dedicated debt consultants who specialise in providing an unparalleled bespoke debt advisory service to people who are experiencing overwhelming debt problems.

Due to our independent status, we are able to offer completely independent advice to all our clients which, above all else, ensures we find the solution that best suits each individual client's personal circumstances.

Why choose My Financial Solutions?

My Financial Solutions brings you the experience, support and independent advice you will need to reach an informed decision on the most suitable way to resolve your financial difficulties.

Once you've decided on how you want to proceed, your personal consultant will guide you each step of the way.

What My Financial Solutions can do for you

Our aim is to help people regain control of their financial affairs and guide them to debt freedom.

We provide caring and ethical advice on all aspects and levels of personal indebtedness, where no debt problem is too big or too small for our personal consultants to deal with.

What's more, all our advice is completely confidential.

Latest articles

  1. Qualifying for the Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS)
  2. If you want to know whether you might qualify for the Debt Arrangement Scheme, these are the criteria taken from the official DAS website. To qualify for DAS, the following must apply:

    • You're a Scottish resident
    • You're struggling with unsecured debts
    • You've asked a DAS approved money adviser for help &...

  3. Term life insurance - How long should your term period be in this policy
  4. It is very important to purchase the most suitable insurance policy according to your needs during the initial stage of your life. People buy insurance policies in order to secure themselves from the unusual circumstances that may happen anytime in their life. The insurance policy is also purchased as...

  5. How to Get Your Finances Sorted With Bad Credit
  6. If you have financial problems, you might think that there is no way out. The truth is that in most cases bad credit can be solved by getting more organized and keeping track of your money. There is a chance that you have always been wondering where the money went by the end of the month. Here is a...

  7. Debt Consolidation Loans
  8. If your bills are piling up and you're having trouble remembering who to send what amount and when to send payment every month, you might be able to simplify your life and reduce credit card debt with a debt consolidation loan.

    A debt consolidation loan is a loan used to pay off several different...

  9. Credit card consolidation - How it helps in paying off your debts
  10. As a result of the liquidity crunch, people have been facing financial problems. Thus, the credit card debt in America increased to unbelievable heights. If you too are having problems with your credit cards, you can try credit card consolidation. Credit card consolidation lowers the interest rate on...

  11. 3 Steps to settle your debts all by yourself
  12. When you are suffering from debt related problems, then you can consider choosing from a wide range of debt solutions. However, in case you are not even being able to make the minimum payments you should consider a debt solution called debt settlement. It is a process in which your creditor settles...

  13. Trust Deeds - an IVA by any other name?
  14. Trust Deeds are fundamentally the Scottish name given to IVA's.

    There are some differences between the 2 products but, in essence, they are the same thing.

  15. Will your HP agreement be affected if you enter into an IVA?
  16. Whether or not your HP agreement will be affected if you enter into an IVA will depend largely on the amount og the HP and what kind of asset you've purchased with the agreement. For example, if your HP agreement is for £5,000 over 3 years and this has enabled you to purchase a 2nd hand family...

  17. Store Cards - what the retailers don't want you to know
  18. Store cards are fundamentally a credit card but attached to a specific shop or chain of shops. Typically they will attract a similar interest rate as for credit cards and should only be considered as a short-term borrowing requirement due to the high interest rates charged for this form of credit.

  19. How the monthly minimum repayment figure on your credit card all adds up
  20. It is a little known fact that the monthly minimum repayment figure on your credit card ensures that, if you only paid this amount, it would take you many, many years to pay off your credit card bill.

    Typically, the monthly minimum repayment figure is slightly more than the monthly interest owed on...

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